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Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (STeP)

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Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University: STeP Floor 2 (A Building) Northern Science Park: NSP (Chiang Mai)


155 Mae Hia, Mueang, Chiang Mai, 50100

Tel: 0 5394 8678

Fax: 0 5394 8679




Ms.Pantharee Inya

Position: Team Leader, International Affairs and
Strategic Alliances Team



University-industry linkage that aims to make innovation simple.


Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University (STeP) is the headquarter of Northern Science Park (NSP), working in collaboration with other thirteen universities in the Northern region of Thailand. NSP offers Total Innovation Solutions for enterprises by using science and technology resources from these 14 universities. The NSP building is fully equipped with facilities for innovative business development and supportive innovation ecosystem.

STeP operates on an open innovation concept, collaborating and building strong partnerships with both government agencies and the private firms in the country. Furthermore, we have established a network and developed collaboration relationships with over 10 foreign entities around the world. There are cooperation networks with more than 20 organizations, with the purpose of comprising knowledge exchange, academic and business collaboration, and the creation of marketing prospects.



Basecamp24: Customized business incubation program aims to create 300 ponies to increase Northern Thailand’s economy.


Basecamp24 with LiVE Platform: Platform to support startup under Basecamp24 to access the capital market, with funding, financial and legal management from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

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