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5 Rue du corps France Roquecourbe 81210 France

Year of establishment : 1999

Website :

Annual Turnover: 1 530 000€

Export Turnover: 1 200 000€

Number of Employees: 7


​Design & manufacturing of hermetic feedthroughs mainly used into TVAC chambers for space simulation / environmental testing.


We can supply you any electrical or optical hermetic feedthroughs based on our proprietary sealing process using an epoxy compound (ESA & NASA qualified).


It applies to any application where signals have to go through 2 different environments (vacuum, pressure, gases, liquids,...), from earth to deep space and, from very low-level signals up to very high frequency or high power.


Upon request those feedthroughs can be delivered premounted onto any type of standard or custom flanges.

Geographies served & Export Reference: South America, Europe, Asia (Australia, Japan, China, Korea, India)

Main Export Strategies: Direct export/ Technology Partnership/ Distributors/ Agents/ Other 

What is your experience in the space sectors?

95% of our business for 24 years

What are the competitive advantages of your solutions for the space sector?

  • Flexibility and modularity

  • Large and open range of hermetic parts

  • Significant experience

Main projects using your solutions (space or other industry):

  • Large Space Simulator (LSS) of ESA

  • Vacuum Laboratories of Thales Alenia Space in France, Spain, Italy…

  • Many Space Agencies all around the world

Collaboration with universities or clusters to develop new technologies/concepts?


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