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8, impasse Boudeville – CS 22324 TOULOUSE 31023 France

Year of establishment : 2019

Parent Company : HEMERIA INVEST

Annual Turnover: 60 000 000 €.                           Export Turnover: 1 400 000 €

Number of Employees: 400                                     Capital stocks: 13 576 104 €


​HEMERIA, a recognized major player in the space industry and a longstanding partner of the French space agency CNES and key prime contractors, designs, produces and supplies cutting-edge space systems and vehicles for commercial, institutional and scientific customers, on a national, European and international scale.


Partner of the French defence procurement agency DGA for many years, HEMERIA is a reliable and agile player for the modernization of your Defense systems. For more than 20 years, HEMERIA has designed, manufactured and supported innovative operational equipment for air, land and naval forces, homeland security forces and private security actors.


Geographies served & Export Reference: France, Israel, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan


Main Export Strategies:

Areas: Africa Middle East Asia, Canada

Sale of space products and services (Signals Intelligence - SIGINT) for Primes et Ministries of Defense.


Previous relations with ASEAN company : Safran Malaysia, PTDI

What is your experience in the space sectors?

  • Design and manufacture of nano and microsatellite

  • Design and manufacture of stratospheric balloons

  • Design and manufacture of solar arrays

  • Design and build of space equipment (structures, MLI, harnesses)

  • Space systems Design

What are the competitive advantages of your solutions for the space sector?

Operational quality solutions whose performance and duration exceed those of competitors.

Main projects using your solutions (space or other industry):

  • ​Nano and microsatellites : 25 smallsats of Kineis IoT constellation, ANGELS the first French industrial smallsat, smallsats in geostationary orbit

  • Stratospheric balloons : a stratospheric airship of the HAPS family for STRATOBUS program (Thales Alenia Space)

  • Solar arrays : for your constellations of smallsats, for the Martian Moons eXploration (MMX) Rover

  • Space equipement : structures and harnesses for IRIDIUM NEXT, harnesses for first Staark® LEO-S10 robotic arm of REDWIRE SPACE


Collaboration with universities or clusters to develop new technologies/concepts?

  • In France with laboratories, universities and space agency

  • In Singapore with NTU Singaporean University

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