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51 rue Barbara Montpellier 34080 France Established in 2019

Annual Turnover: 370 000 €                                 Export Turnover: 30 000 €

Number of Employees: 5                                       


​Groundspace specialises in mission support software and orchestration solutions for the next generation of highly-flexible satellites and satellite constellations. Groundspace solutions provide a digital backbone that helps satellite operators improve responsiveness and exploit the full potential of their spacecraft and ground segment while reducing the cost and complexity of operations.


Groundspace also provides consultancy services in areas of ground segment design, spacecraft operations, radio spectrum management, non-terrestrial & hybrid networks design, edge computing and cloud deployment security.

Geographies served & Export Reference: Worldwide

Main Export Strategies: Direct export and technology partnerships with system integrators

What is your experience in the space sectors?

Our team consists of experts with an extensive experience working with both commercial satellite operators and space agencies in areas including ground segment design, spacecraft operations, satellite communications and spectrum management. Groundspace has built upon this experience and extended it to the emerging area of large constellations consisting of lowcost small satellites.

What are the competitive advantages of your solutions for the space sector?

Thanks to our AI-based automation engine, our solutions reduce the time spent on operational tasks by up to 80%: optimal allocation of resources in orbit and on the ground, reconfiguration of equipment according to current needs, management of maintenance tasks, etc.

Main projects using your solutions (space or other industry):

  • Orchestration system for a nanosat constellation (dynamic mission planning, workflow automation, autonomous anomaly detection and mitigation)

  • Spectrum monitoring system for a constellation of communications satellites

Collaboration with universities or clusters to develop new technologies/concepts?

Yes, we have a close relationship with the University Space Centre in Montpellier, but we are open to collaboration with other universities and clusters.

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