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Annual Turnover: 20 Millions USD                     Export Turnover: 3 Million USD

Number of Employees: 49                                       Capital Stocks: 1 030 420 Euros


88 Avenue General de Gaulle 93170 Bagnolet - France

Established in 1966


COMEPA is a French company qualified by the European Space Agency (ESA) to manufacture qualified thermostats for all kind of satellites. COMEPA has an heritage of 30 years in this technology and can deliver its products everywhere in the world without restrictions.


Good prices and fast Lead time


All kind of satellites, LEO, GEO, Exploration, Communication, Military…

Geographies served & Export Reference: Europe, South Korea, Chaina, Japan, Israel, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada

Main Export Strategies: Direct Export

What is your experience in the space sectors?

35 years of heritage in Space sectors for all orbits and all kind of missions…Earth Observation, Military, ISS, Universe Exploration, GEO…

What are the competitive advantages of your solutions for the space sector?

Simple solution. Cheap. Independent from other technologies. No need of power. Able to work in hard environment of Vibrations, shocks, radiation at high level. Very Long life time

Main projects using your solutions (space or other industry):

Thermal control of tanks, of instruments of observation, power supply…

Collaboration with universities or clusters to develop new technologies/concepts?

We develop ourselves, internally in our company.

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