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3, Shenton Way #18-09A Shenton House, TOWN - Singapore  068805 Singapore

Year of Establishment: 1997


Annual Turnover: 1B+

Number of Employees: 300


“Any mass, any orbit, anytime”

Arianespace is a launch service provider. It was founded in 1980. It has two main goals:

• Guaranteeing an independent access to space for Europe

• Being a leader in commercial space transport

Arianespace orbits satellites for all types of space-based applications: telecommunications, navigation, science, Earth observation, technology demonstrations, etc. To accomplish its mission it use the European Launchers: Ariane 5, Ariane 6, Vega and Vega-C.

Geographies served & Export Reference: Worldwide

Main Export Strategies: Direct Export

Affiliates and Subsidiaries: 

Arianespace is headquartered in Evry, near Paris, in France and has regional offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Washington DC and Kourou.

It operates its launches from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana.

Previous Relation with ASEAN Companies: Most Satellite Carrier, Space Agencies and Defence Ministries

Activities in Thailand: 

6 satellites launched launched for Thailand and 1 launch to come (Thaicom, RTAF, GISTDA)

Activities in Indonesia: 

7 satellites launched so far (Telkom, Indosat, Brisat, Palapa)

What is your experience in the space sectors?

Arianespace was the first commercial launch service provider. With 43 years experience, Arianespace is the most seasoned player in this Industry. Myself I have been 23 years in the space industry, working in Europe, US and in Asia for the last 17 years.

What are the competitive advantages of your solutions for the space sector?

Experience, reliability, performance, stable and backed by the European Space Agency.

Main projects using your solutions (space or other industry):

50% of all Geostationary Communication satellites in operation, have been injected by Arianespace. 80+ Defence satellites from all over the world deployed by Arianespace. Galileo, the European GPS deployed by us. Copernicus the European leader of Earth observation used Arianespace for its deployment. James Webb Space Telescope injected in 2021 by Arianespace. Kuiper (Amazon) constellation contract signed with Arianespace in 2021.

Collaboration with universities or clusters to develop new technologies/concepts?

Yes, in Europe mainly, but also in various parts of the world (ANU in Australia)

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