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Business Expedition Space

27    February - 3   March 2023




Business France team and the French embassies in Jakarta and Bangkok are pleased to gather during the week of February 27th to Friday March 3rd , numerous representatives of public and private entities in the Space industry. This event aims to address the challenging topic of Space industry development and cooperation between France, Indonesia, and Thailand. 


Indonesia has a long history of space development, as the Indonesian Space Agency (Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nasional or LAPAN, which became the Research Organization for Aeonautics and Space, ORPA in 2021) was established in 1963. Since 1976, when the first satellite operated by Indonesian entities was launched, 26 satellites have been launched, mostly developed by foreign companies. Since the end of the 2000s, Indonesia has shown its ambition to become a fully-fledged space power by increasing its space R&D budgets. 


Thailand’s space activities started with NASA in the 1970s. The country operated more than 13 satellites and intend to launch 5 to 10 new satellites in the coming years, some designed and built locally, other procured from foreign entities. Furthermore, Thailand has defined an ambitious Moon Spaceship Programme, intending to send a satellite around the moon by 2027 or 2028. 

France has always played a pivotal role in the European Space success story, with its particularly vibrant space sector in which CNES (the National Center for Space Studies) orchestrates and fuels the worlds of research and industry. France is currently partnering with Thailand in the launching of the THEOS II satellite.  

We believe that France can be a strong partner of Indonesia and Thailand while the countries are developing their space sectors in an unprecedented way. We hope these various events will be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between French, Thailand and Indonesia, and to show our commitment to support both countries development in a sustainable way. 


The Business France Team. 

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Mr. Laurent LE GODEC 
Chargé d’affaires a.i of the Embassy of France to Indonesia and Timor-Leste  

Distinguished leaders from the Indonesian space sector, 

Ladies and gentlemen, 

             It is both an honour and a pleasure to welcome a delegation of French space organisations in the framework of a “French Space Business Expedition to Indonesia” coordinated by our Trade and Investment Commission - Business France.  

             The interest and commitment of key players in the space sector in Indonesia is a testament to the deep and long-standing relationship between our two countries, for decades, in this field of excellence.  

             Indeed, since 1974 and the signing of the first Franco-Indonesian framework agreement for space cooperation between the Centre national d'Etudes spatiales (CNES) and the ex-National Institute for Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), several collaborations have been initiated.  This framework agreement, renewed in 2017, illustrates our mutual desire to maintain and deepen this very special and important partnership over the long term. 

             With the recent establishment of the Research Organisation for Aeronautics & Space (ORPA) under the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), it is uplifting to witness Indonesia's growing ambitions in the space sector. Read more...


H.E. Thierry MATHOU 
Ambassador of France to Thailand

In the eyes of the world, France and Thailand have many things in common. Both countries benefit from a rich history and culture, breathtaking landscapes, and a world-renowned gastronomy. But our two countries are much more than that. From space to health, from culture to the environment, France and Thailand are constantly driven by a deep desire to reinvent themselves. As a result, our two countries have both developed a vast network of world-class companies, scientists, and researchers in cutting-edge fields like space industry. As long-time partners, our two countries still have much to learn from each other. 

In that context France and Thailand have decided to join forces to create and organize the "Franco-Thai Year of Innovation 2023». This initiative was successfully launched on January 26th, at Benjaikiti Park in Bangkok with a special event dedicated to space in the presence of two French astronauts, Claudie and Jean-Pierre Haigneré and representatives from GISTDA (Geoinformatics and Space Technology Development Agency) and NARIT (National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand) who took an active part in the success of the evening. There are three main reasons why we chose space as the leading sector to open the Franco-Thai Year of Innovation. First, research in space irrigates innovation and technological development in all sectors. Second space, which is a driving force for creativity, speaks to the imagination of all generations, especially of the youth. Third it is already an important sector of cooperation between France and Thailand as shown by the origin of THEOS satellites.  Read more ...


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